Just4Children are raising money so Tom can have life changing SDR surgery and aftercare to bring back his sparkle and confidence. 

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This is Tom. Tom is 16 years old from Bacup in Lancashire. Thomas is a superhero. 

Tom fought meningitis as a baby which resulted in him having cerebral palsy and is partially sighted as a result. He has gone on to overcome so much in his life. He tackles everything head on and loves life. 

Tom has endured many operations to lengthen his hamstrings including Botox injections to relax muscles, and constantly take meds to ease pain and muscle contractions. 

Tom has taken part in the junior great north run and raised hundreds for a local kids therapy centre. In March 2020 he woke one morning and was completely paralysed from under the armpit down. After being red lighted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital he had loads of investigations such as lumber punters, MRI of head and spine and several scans. He also went through a round of IVIG therapy and steroid therapy and was finally diagnosed with a neurological disease which has affected his spine. Can anyone have any worse luck!

Tom lost a bit of his sparkle after this and his confidence has taken a really knock. It has also affected his little bro Jack as he just wants his big bro back to the way he was. He misses that.  

We have finally been given some light at the end of the tunnel which will dramatically improve Tom’s life in the form of SDR surgery. This is a pioneering surgery performed by an amazing neurosurgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, because of Tom’s age and severity of problems it is not funded on the NHS.

So, please help Just4Children raise the monies to give Tom this chance at a better life. We know Tom may never walk again but this surgery will free his body of pain and discomfort. 

Do it for Tom! 

Thank you Mummy Nik, Daddy James, little bro Jack and of course the main man, Thomas 

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