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Just4Children are raising funds so Tommy can have SDR surgery, a life-changing spinal operation which would allow him to live without daily pain and maybe the ability to walk one day.

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Tommy is a bright, funny, determined little boy aged 3 from Wroxham in Norfolk. He loves cars, muddy puddles and making people laugh, especially his twin sister Eva. 

Tommy and Eva were born at 32 weeks and it was discovered Tommy had a diaphragmatic hernia. He was given a 50% chance of surviving. Tommy had surgery at 3 days old and was doing amazingly. Unfortunately, he then suffered a massive infection which left him in a life-threatening condition. Once again, this little warrior pulled through. 

Sadly, the infection left irreparable damage to Tommy’s brain called periventricular leukomalacia and at 7 months old he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting both his arms and legs, quadriplegia. 

Tommy and Eva both started nursery together and with the right equipment he is able to do anything. But, one thing never leaves his body and that is the spasticity caused by cerebral palsy. His brain is constantly sending messages to the muscles in his legs to be tense and this interferes with nearly every activity he does. He is unable to sit unaided, stand or walk, and it causes him daily discomfort and pain.

SDR surgery is an incredible procedure that would permanently reduce the discomfort Tommy feels. And, it may even allow him to gain more independence, even walk. It would also reduce the need for more invasive surgeries throughout his childhood and daily medication. 

The surgery is not available to Tommy on the NHS and in itself costs up to £34,000. In addition, an intensive physiotherapy program is needed before and afterward to get the best possible outcome for Tommy. Just one private physio sessions costs £75. 

As his family we want nothing more than the best quality of life for Tommy and to see him happy, pain-free and living his best life alongside his twin sister Eva. They are a brilliant team and Eva is possibly Tommy’s biggest cheerleader!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Tommy.We really appreciate your support.

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