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Just4Children need to raise vital funds for Sienna to have ABR therapy to make a considerable difference to her potential.

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Our lovely Sienna is aged 9 from Abingdon in Oxon. She has endured a difficult journey over the last 9 years with debilitating seizures that have made other therapies to address her physical needs near impossible. As this situation has improved greatly by the grace of God we now hope to give her body a chance to be pain free and to possibly eliminate the need for spinal surgery in her near future.

Sienna has finally started to laugh this year and she is smiling more than ever. 

We have been advised about ABR therapy and we feel it is the right approach. ABR stands for Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation. It is a complementary manual therapy, consisting of light pressure practiced in a specific way on the body. These pressure techniques allow us to reach the deeper structures of the human body. The goal of ABR is to reinforce those internal tissues. The patient starts performing movements never performed before. Also, important body functions can be improved significantly. This improves quality of life.

Who can benefit from ABR?

All people, including often children who, due to brain damage are limited in their motor functions or suffer from functional disorders (including fine motor skills), posture, respiration and so on.

There is also great hope for genetic therapies in the near future that could make a considerable difference to Sienna’s potential. It’s so vital that her body is strong for this. 

Please consider donating even just a little as it will help us reach our target and will mean that Sienna can begin her bright future.

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