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Just4Children wants to raise funds for therapy, specialist equipment and an adapted home environment so that Sabrina lives the best and most rewarding life possible.

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Sabrina is 5 years old from Swindon and was born in 2014. Her mantra is READY STEADY GO......!       

We believe that Sabrina feels like a caged bird who just wants to spread her wings and fly, explore and experience everything life has to offer.  And why shouldn’t she. Heartbreakingly this is not always possible. Her diagnosis of ALG1 CDG – a very rare metabolic disease – causes many health issues but mainly affects her brain. She has Epilepsy, Microcephaly, Hypotonia or low muscle tone to name a few. What does this mean? Sabrina can walk but not jump, she can understand but not communicate, she can strive but not achieve and she takes risks but doesn’t see the danger.

Through sheer grit and determination, Sabrina started to walk when she was 4 – one week before our wedding. It was a dream come true to see our little flower girl take a few heavily supported steps down the aisle, and it was extremely emotional for us all. 

Since then she has continued to practice walking, driven by the desire to run with her brother.  If she falls – which she does all the time – she gets straight back up and will try again and again and again. She is a joy and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

What Sabrina needs is therapy to improve her strength and balance, so that one day she will jump on a trampoline and touch the sky; therapy to help her speech and to draw out the words that seem to be locked inside; equipment to help her access and experience everything life has to offer; and an adapted home environment which allows independence and safety, so we her family are free to play, laugh and love. 

Our hope is that through donations for Just4Children, Sabrina’s and our lives will be easier and fuller and that our darling daughter continues to smash down barriers, push to the limit and achieve her full potential, living the life she deserves. After all, this is Sabrina’s World too. 

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