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Just4Children are wanting to raise monies for Sidney to help fund private therapies and equipment including PT, OT, SALT, Hydrotherapy and Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation programmes.

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Meet Sidney aged 21 months from Stroud. Sidney has a twin brother and they both live at home with us, Mummy and Daddy. The boys were born at 27 weeks gestation and were cared for in a Level 3 NICU where the highest level of Neonatal Care was provided.

A few days after they were born, Sidney suffered a bleed on his brain. This can be common amongst premature babies. Bleeds are graded from 1 - 4 with Grade 4 being the most severe. Sidney sustained a Grade 3 bleed on the left hand side of his brain and Grade 4 on the right.

Since then, he has undergone 3 brain surgeries, has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, Hearing Loss and Visual Impairment. He is delayed in all areas including, fine and gross motor skills (movement) and cognitive skills (thinking, speech and language).

We will be eternally grateful to the NHS for saving Sidney’s life on more than one occasion but some of the therapies that Sidney needs are just not funded by our healthcare system.

Private physio and occupational therapy, SALT and equipment come at a high cost but are essential in supporting Sidney to reach his full potential. We would love to take Sidney to Canada and America to take part in world leading Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation courses but these cost a lot of money. Your help would be appreciated more than we could ever possibly say.

Sidney shows such promising signs, he LOVES to bear weight through his arms and legs, is learning to roll, enjoys sitting whilst being supported and likes to crawl across his playmate with the help of Mummy moving his arms.

Thank you for taking the time to read Sidney's story.

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