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Just4Children are fundraising £25,000 for Lenny to have SDR surgery and aftercare including therapy and equipment to lead a fuller more active life.

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Lenny is a 10 year old from Northiam near Rye in East Sussex. He lives with his mum and dad and 3 siblings including his twin brother. Lenny was born with cerebral palsy with is a neurological condition that effects all 4 of his limbs. Lenny is a wheelchair user and has little independent mobility. 

We are fund raising £25,000 for Just4Children to enable him to have SDR surgery (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) at Nottingham children's hospital as he has been accepted there by the surgeon to go on the waiting list. We had been fighting for this surgery for 5 years and have finally been accepted. 

Lenny goes to a mixed special and main stream school with his twin brother. He likes school and is very sociable enjoying lots of different activities and will try his best to get involved if he can. Lenny loves darts and his wish is to be able to stand and throw real darts at a board like his dad. 

This opportunity to have this surgery means so much to us as a family and will give Lenny a chance to lead a more independent life with more mobility. He will be also pain free and will be able to do so much more.

We are just trying to give Lenny the best chance in life like any other parent would for their children.

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