Just4Children Campaigns

Just4Children is passionate about the relief of sickness and preservation of health of children in the UK and Ireland by providing and assisting in the provision of grants to enable them to obtain medical treatment, therapies, living environments, equipment and holidays which would not otherwise be available to them.

Operation Oscar his SDR Journey

Just4Children are raising funds for a life changing operation called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) for Oscar aged 6 from Manchester.

Operation Oscar his SDR Journey


Just4children are fundraising for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomyfollowed by a minimum of 18 months regular intensive physiotherapy with specialist equipmentwhich will give Reiko the life she deserves.

Team Tommy for SDR

Just4Children are raising funds so Tommy can have SDR surgery, a life-changing spinal operation which would allow him to live without daily pain and maybe the ability to walk one day.

Next Mountain4Marcus

Just4Children want to help Marcus who needs your support to access life changing Stem Cell Treatment to help him walk alongside his twin brother. 

HSP and Me - Team Jones

Just4Children are wanting to raise funds for essential specialised equipment and assistance for Tyler and Eryn.

Team Diamond: Jessica’s fight for a life 

Jessica is a very ill 23 year old woman from Cheltenham who needs urgent surgery, testing, and treatment for her multiple complex health conditions, in order to improve her very poor quality of life.

Midge's Scoliosis Journey

Just4Children hope to raise monies to fund Midge's scoliosis surgery.

Our Amazing Oscar

Just4Children are raising funds for Oscar, aged 10, from Bolton, to have life changing SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery and specialist therapies, activities and equipment to help him in his recovery. 

Jaedon's Journey

Just4Children want to fundraise for Jaedon aged 2 from Manchester who has cerebral palsy to ensure he has the best physio sessions and can have access to specialist equipment he may need to improve his onward journey.

Joshua's SDR Journey

Hi, my name is Joshua, I'm 7 years old and live in Dumfriesshire with mum, dad and sister Edith. Just4Childen needs your help to raise money for a life changing operation called SDR to help my independence and mobility.

Sabrina's World

Just4Children wants to raise funds for therapy, specialist equipment and an adapted home environment so that Sabrina lives the best and most rewarding life possible.

Project Go Go

Just4Children wants to fundraise for costly private therapies, an Eye Gaze and other equipment and orthotics to improve Go Go's quality of life.

Heidi-Lou's Happiness

Please help Just4Children raise much needed funds for SDR surgery, intensive physiotherapy aftercare and much needed specialist equipment so I can have the best chance at living a pain free future with more possibilities. 

Thea the Smiling Warrior

Just4Children are raising money to enable Thea to have life changing therapy to enhance her skills and to give her a more independent life.  

Amell's Road to Greatness

Amell is a 3 year old boy from Islington in London with Quadriplegia Hypertonia. Just4Children are helping Amell raise money to have access to specialised equipment that will further his development.

Team Cammy G

Cameron is a 4 year old boy from Anstruther in Fife. Just4Children wish to fundraise for the next 3 years to provide Cammy with intensive therapy and life changing spinal surgery.

Our Super Sidney

Just4Children are wanting to raise monies for Sidney to help fund private therapies and equipment including PT, OT, SALT, Hydrotherapy and Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation programmes.

Lenny's Wish

Just4Children are fundraising £25,000 for Lenny to have SDR surgery and aftercare including therapy and equipment to lead a fuller more active life.

The Adventures of Fraser

Just4Children want to raise funds to allow Fraser to access specialist therapies, and purchase equipment to support his development and improve his quality of life.

Sienna's Bright Future

Just4Children need to raise vital funds for Sienna to have ABR therapy to make a considerable difference to her potential.

Evie's Adventure

Just4Children are fundraising to provide therapies, orthotics aids and other therapy equipment to help improve Evie’s quality of life.

Albie's aims for a brighter future

Just4Children seek funds to help Albie access therapies, treatments, respite and equipment that he needs for a better quality of life.

Fantastic Mr Felix

Just4Children are raising funds to give Felix access to specialist therapies and equipment to support his development and improve his quality of life.


Just4Children are raising money so Tom can have life changing SDR surgery and aftercare to bring back his sparkle and confidence. 

Ruben's Journey

Just4Children are wanting to raise funds for Ruben to receive physiotherapy, specialist equipment, hydrotherapy and other therapies to help him become more independent and to reach his full potential in life.